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Oregon Film Feature

Oregon Film Feature

This feature presentation showcases the beautiful locations the State of Oregon has to offer.
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August 2017 Update

Where have I been you ask? It’s been almost an entire year since I have talked. Today I sit down and talk…
Nathaniel Jackson's Editorial

2016: Year In Review

A reflection of 2016, and looking forward to what 2017 brings.
Nathaniel Jackson: The College Experience

Vlog: Fall 2016 Wrap-Up & Glenda Taylor’s Mural / Hearing

A discussion of the Fall 2016 semester as it had appeared to me, plus a presentation of the Glenda Taylor mural video package. In addition, Joe Saia is inviting KVBC members and Washburn art family to the sentencing hearing.
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Asperger’s Syndrome – Disability Resources

While my series I have provided the last few months talk about Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.  For those viewers here in the City...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & Employment Training

In the last of my article series for my college course on Asperger’s Syndrome for this semester, I have found a rather cool company...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & Educating A Child

Whether you are a teacher just out of college, and beginning your teaching tenure, or you are parents looking to home school your child...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & Social Security

Those adults (or children) that have Asperger’s Syndrome may qualify for benefits assistance from the United States Social Security Administration.  These benefits can assist...
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Vladimir Putin: Russian Leader with Asperger’s Syndrome

With one week away from the elections, here in America are you surprised of hearing this, our Russian leader, Vladimir Putin has ASD? While this...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & First Responders

Today I am looking at a different aspect of Asperger’s Syndrome and how the first responders portray individuals with ASD and autism.  This...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & Effects on Families / Relationships

For families who have members in the family that is experiencing autism or Asperger’s Syndrome can cause a tremendous amount of stress.  This goes...
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Autism / ASD in Adults

Over this last Summer and this Fall, there has been researching that conducted by several unified school districts and colleges in Texas, Illinois, Ohio,...
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Media Gallery Launch Date

Works from NateDog Productions, Washburn University will become public once again following construction in late November.
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Treatment for Asperger’s Syndrome & Autism

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome technically cannot be cured, and while we don’t necessarily understand the scenario of how it’s caused while in the mother’s...
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Facts about Asperger’s Syndrome

What was considered as unusual behavior in children, teenagers, and adults is now starting to become standard.  As I previously mentioned in an update...
Nathaniel Jackson: The College Experience

Vlog: Fall Break 2016 Update

Today’s update comes in the form of a video as last month’s was written.
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Autism Speaks: The Truth Behind Closed Doors

Over the last few weeks, I briefly mentioned an organization by the name of Autism Speaks.  Autism Speaks is an advocacy organization that sponsors...
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Famous People With Autism

Over the last two months, you have gotten to know me with living with ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome). However, did you know there are people...
Severe Weather

Discussion: Poor Judgment of Social Media

Nathaniel discusses another public outrage again to the Kansas Turnpike Authority for issuing tornado warnings.
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Signs of Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism

Perhaps over the last few years, you have heard on the radio, or seen a few of the television spots or trailers while waiting...
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Shining A Light on Autism & ASD

Each year in the month of April, the month is dedicated to shining a light on the awareness of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  The...
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History of Asperger’s Syndrome

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts that in the 1980’s Asperger’s Syndrome was just becoming a “trending topic” if you...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & Getting Around

There is one aspect I believe a LOT of people overlooks when it comes to being disabled, and that is getting around town.  Whether...
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Asperger’s Syndrome & Running A Small Business

About a month or two before graduating and leaving Shawnee Heights and Kaw Area Technical School, I began preparing to take my business idea,...