August 2017 Update

Where have I been you ask? It’s been almost an entire year since I have talked. Today I sit down and talk…


Long time no chat! Hello everybody, according to my web network the last post or video was done on December 31st, 2016.

First of all, I took the Spring 2017 semester off for several reasons, I had this hunch, okay more like a discussion with an astrologist that said I had better chances of leaving the semester to try in gaining employment. I followed this lead and applied at almost fifteen different businesses throughout Topeka. Let me just say that did not go as planned as two out of the fifteen followed up with me even after giving a few weeks after sending in resumes and cover letters.

So, therefore, I spent much of the last eight months on SimWorld other than a few attempts here and there. It was not until in June that I received a telephone call from someone I trained at KTWU-TV in June of 2016.

This student was becoming the editor in chief of Washburn’s Student Media (home of WUNews-TV, Washburn Review, Bod Magazine, and the Kaw Yearbook). He knew I had applied and failed back in Fall 2016. He asked several questions about what I wanted to do as a team member and filled out my application, and he said he would let the Student Media advisor (whom I had a course with in the Fall) know about my application and get a hold of me.

Before I had heard anything, I decided in May that I wanted to return even though most of the students I had courses with graduated in May. Not to mention we lost one art department professor, and our art mother – Becky Shaffer. I had known before I left in 2016 she was retiring. Her husband, Bill, an executive producer at KTWU were leaving together. Since I took a semester off my art department advisor said he could not help me and I needed to see my close friend and advisor, Jeannie.

Let’s just say I was scolded for leaving, however, I was lucky enough to still retain my student level with this being my last semester as a sophomore and my financial aid. What I did not know is over the Spring semester, the art department was hiring a new graphics design professor for the university. I have two courses with him almost every day. One is a website design course, which I’m curious to know what method he’s going to show. There are the traditional HTML and JavaScript method. Then the newer version with CSS, PHP / Javascript with CMS. My other course with him is a typography course, which is the study of lettering — or typefaces.

My other two courses could be considered as a challenge as one follows a subject I love most, weather. However, I had to ask the professor for an override as I never completed the math course requiring it. This course is taught by KSNT Storm Track chief meteorologist Matt Miller. The good thing is Matt and me know each other already so on a level of communication we should not have any issues. My other course will be more of a large learning curve is Communications. This course involves public speaking — ahem, lots of public speaking a thing that comes as a challenge for people with autism or ASD.

Over the last month I was away in Oregon, not just seeing my teenage nephew, my sister, and brother in-law I was also there to film my largest video project. Last month I released my trailer for the video project. After an extensive editing session, I am proud to announce that tomorrow, August 4th at 6:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 pm Pacific you will be able to watch the feature presentation from my website. This presentation after I’ve seen it more than once, and it still gives me the chills knowing I was there for every moment.

As I mentioned earlier, I am here on campus today for a meeting with the Washburn University Student Media’s new editor-in-chief. I was confused when I learned through e-mail communication that my friend who I trained that filled out my application in June was the editor-in-chief, after my meeting today I discovered he was the Summer interim EIC, he’s moving over to KTWU-TV for internship while still moonlighting at Student Media. My meeting from what I learned I am the first of the current and potential employees to have a meeting. After my meeting I have some excellent news to share!! I am now a team member of Washburn University’s Student Media! My first assignment was given to me which will be evaluated and discussed next week.  I should have no issue moving ahead with my course schedule, and working with their office so this is what I have waited for an entire year! I am now the Video Production Director, and Assistant Director of Graphics Design.

So what’s for the future of communication? For a while, in May I started a vlog series that eventually ended after I had discovered the vlogs were long, and they took far too long in editing. Therefore, I am declaring that the “College Experience” series will be updated in writing here on the web network each week. On occasion, I will share a video if I’m working on something with the Student Media office.

Also, I am also renewing my web network lease for SimWorld another year, I have seen gamers close to me this year pull away. However, I feel that I want to give one more year, particularly since I want to focus on working The Sims Legacy Story series more. As for the rest of the web network. Depending on how I feel the semester goes I would like to bring Nathaniel Jackson Productions to the public. For those who have followed me over the years, this is almost exactly like NateDog Productions once was from 2000-2011. However, it will be much better run than I had done back six to seventeen years ago.