2016: Year In Review

A reflection of 2016, and looking forward to what 2017 brings.


While 2016 did not evolve solely around me, here is some footage of what happened, and to those who we lost in 2016…

Hello everybody and Happy New Year! Depending on when you are reading this, I wanted to go through and discuss 2016 for a moment. Since the last College Experience vlog went to the air before Christmas, I wanted to let you know as a big disappointment that my Ceramics presents that I worked on before the Thanksgiving break never has turned up.

While I am disappointed by this news, I have decided since I have seen so much bad luck in my life thus far that I would just add that to my list and move on. On the plus side, my university transcript had come in as I requested back as I was making plans before the semester ended. Let me say that I was pleased with my grades. As I mentioned on the air, I received A’s in all except the Mass Media Bootcamp.

Since the taping of my vlog, I thought real hard about my plans and I have decidedly so to take a sabbatical from the spring and summer semesters, and re-evaluate later in 2017. In addition to another employment opportunity that came up last week, I am waiting out through March to see about all the places that I had applied who said things might come up as an opportunity.

In the interim, I have two projects I will begin working on besides continuing SimWorld & SimWorld Television. One of which is I want to design and develop a quarterly technology magazine, the name is still being tossed around. But it would involve topics on CMS vs. HTML websites, the changes in Adobe products including a few tricks I have learned over the years. I would probably ask more people to contribute, as it will be a 24-page magazine. While I have not decided if I will print, and distribute this in a paper as a real magazine would be. I would more go the route of an e-edition you could read online. My other project I have wanted to do since late 2015 is I wanted to go around Topeka to film a new television spot, both in a 30-second and 60-second edition that I would sell to KTWU, KSNT, and WIBW that would promote Topeka’s high points.

In the takeaways from this post, I am not disappointed and okay with leaving Washburn University this next semester to pursue other plans, while I may return later next Fall I have plenty to keep myself busy. Not to mention I want to catch up on a bunch of reading, and writing up movie reviews for films I have dog-tagged on Netflix from the last few years. One thing I will have to do with not going up to campus is more exercise. Getting my walk up and down the “Ichabod Pain Train” several times a day helped me but not being there will have to make me get more imaginative.

I welcome everyone to check back in every few days to see the progress on things I am doing, who knows I may pick up vlogging as well – just not on the College Experience series. Speaking of which, I will be adding more photographs over to the Media Gallery side of the web network this next month, which highlights all of my artwork, I have done thus far with Washburn University.

Statistics For Nerds...

Each year after Christmas I turn into a big time geek, and collect my statistics for the year. Here is what I have searched for over the year, to my most favorite or listened to song on iTunes.

  • While Google changed their settings, this made it much more harder to locate what my top searches and most-clicked websites were. This is a disappointment of course as a nerd!
    • If Sheldon Lee Cooper, of “Big Bang Theory” were with me he would be on the telephone with those nerds in Silicon Valley yelling at them. However I don’t have that connection.

Apple on the other hand – ahem, Google – actually came through and provided statistics on my listening history through the year.

  • Most Listened: As a tie of 10 plays in 2016, my top two are as follows:
    • Horizon by JFX Music for the album “Markus Persson: Original (2014)”
    • Adventure Time by Rogue for the album “Monstercat 010 – Conquest”
  • Highest Rated: Sunflowers by Logan Mize for the album “Travel Kansas” (5 Stars) 9 plays
  • Second Highest Rated: “Big Bang Theory” Title Theme by Barenaked Ladies (4 Stars) 7 plays
  • Most Listened (Christmas): Santa Baby by Calista Flockhart for the album “Ally McBeal: A Very Ally Christmas” – 6 Plays
  • Highest Rated (Christmas): A four-way tie for the following, all of which with 5 stars:
    • Christmas / Sarajevo by Tran-Siberian Orchestra for the album “Christmas Eve and Other Stories”
    • A Mad Russian’s Christmas (Instrumental) by Tran-Siberian Orchestra for the album “Christmas Eve and Other Stories”
    • Auld Lang Syne – The Millennium Mix by Kenny G for the album “Faith – A Holiday Album”
    • Auld Lang Syne – The Millennium Mix (Instrumental Version) by Kenny G for the album “Faith – A Holiday Album”
  • Second Highest Rated (Christmas): A tie between two tracks for four stars as follows:
    • O Christmas Tree by Kenny G for the album “Faith – A Holiday Album”
    • Pat-A-Pan by David Archuleta for the album “Christmas from the Heart”