Vlog: Fall 2016 Wrap-Up & Glenda Taylor’s Mural / Hearing

A discussion of the Fall 2016 semester as it had appeared to me, plus a presentation of the Glenda Taylor mural video package. In addition, Joe Saia is inviting KVBC members and Washburn art family to the sentencing hearing.


Hello there everybody! In this vlog, I discuss the end of the Fall 2016 semester with how I seem the semester went for me. In addition, I present a video package of the second mural construction for the late Glenda Taylor, in addition, I explain about the sentencing hearing coming up in January.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments of this website post. In a future video, I will answer them for you. Want to see more updates? Like this video, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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