Asperger’s Syndrome & Employment Training

Through December 2016, I will be writing several comprehensive posts about my experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome that will be shared with my college course blog. Access to this blog is only available to my Washburn University students and professor.


In the last of my article series for my college course on Asperger’s Syndrome for this semester, I have found a rather cool company that works with employment partnership and training. It is called the Asperger’s Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership or ASTEP.  According to their website, the company goes through training campaigns aimed at Fortune 1000 companies in how to establish of building relationships between individuals with ASD and employers.

This company works with vocational support organizations to facilitate business access to candidates with ASD.  They are encouraging many states and municipalities to collaborate with them.  While their offices are out of New York, they may have a partnership with the State of Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services in Topeka.

On my college course blog, this will be available on the Local Resources page for my students and professor to review.

For my web network readers, I will be providing a second post today with the locations and information they will receive on that website.

With this being my last article series post for both my blog for my course and the web network I want to ask a few minutes of your time through December 31st as I have opened up a poll asking you for your opinion.

This article series with my Mass Media Bootcamp course has given me a push in the right direction of wanting to blog more again on my own web network, which I plan to continue once my semester wraps up.  While politics is not my strong suit, I will continue talking about topics that interest me, and provide College Experience vlogs, which you can find 24/7 at

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