The Young and the Restless: Week In Review

The Young and the Restless: Week In Review is coming back with once a week updates about what is happening both on screen and behind the scenes of Genoa City’s drama action!


Hello there everybody!  If you have been watching the Web Network since August, you know I have been pushed by my Mass Media Bootcamp to get back to posting more regularly here.  While this series is wrapping up next week, I wanted to let you all know that I wanted to get back in talking about my all-time favorite soap opera series, The Young and the Restless.

I will admit that with any semester of college here at Washburn, I am backed up on my television viewing as I am catching up on my DVR from about three weeks ago.  However, I decided I will catch up on my own speed, but I wanted to at the same time start bringing back the “Week In Review” series to my website.  Rather than making it an audio broadcast that can be downloadable on iTunes as I have done in the past.  I would rather type it up for you over the weekend and have it available for you to read.

Rather than talking about the recap from this past week as I mentioned I am behind schedule.  I would speak of the behind the scenes news through at least the first part of December when I know I can be caught up and begin talking about the on-screen action and drama.

Rumors have been moving around social media about the departure of Steve Burton, the portrayer of Dylan MacAvoy, the husband to the estranged wife Sharon MacAvoy and son to GCPD’s Paul Williams and billionaire’s Nicole [Nikki] Newman.  Burton has announced that he has decided to leave and walk away from the show at the end of his contract in December.  Currently, they are taping the Christmas episode week, and once this is wrapped, he has other plans he has been waiting to get back to.  Burton has plans for getting back to his recent opening of “Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse” a restaurant he opened in Franklin, Tennessee with former General Hospital actor Jonathan Jackson. Word is mum if Dylan’s character will be recast or just let go into the dark.

Coming up later this week, we will also be seeing a new face causing problems with both Abbott’s and Newman’s.  The Young and the Restless announced Kelly Frye, who has appeared in primetime listings as NCIS, The Flash, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will be making havoc for about a week in Genoa City.

In the things I love right now on the show, (have I mentioned I am a few weeks behind?)  I love how Nick and Sharon are getting back together. However, I wish this Sullivan situation would end.  By the end, I want Sharon to recognize that Christian is actually Adam and Sage’s child, not Sharon or Nick’s!  Chelsea even knows this before Adam passed away.  Even though there is some tough love between Jack and Phyllis that even Ashley hates, I like how the spark is trying to get back between the two.  I never even knew there was such a thing as a prenup until this storyline came together.

Last but not the least for the things I love right now.  How about the costumes for the Gunner and Ryder Gadbois, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Aidan Clark, McKenna Roberts, as well as Holden and Ryan Hare?  These are the kids that make up Johnny, Charlie, Matilda, Connor, and Faith.  I believe the makeup and wardrobe department for the Halloween episodes were terrific! Okay I will brag once more, one other thing I loved the series now is Chancellor Park, and the pumpkin patch is actually shot outside now, I just cannot figure out where they are filming.  I checked every small and large park within a mile of the CBS Television Studios in Los Angeles.

Looking into the social media traffic and forums for the soap series, most of the traffic enjoyed not only seeing Billy and Chloe together talking about Delia’s death anniversary but how Chloe is regretting ruining Adam’s life in secret.  It was also joyous for grandparents Jill Atkinson and Esther Valentine to come together and reminisce about the anniversary without getting on each other.

While on the side of romance, many of the viewers are tired of the #Stabby scenes.  Which for not social media fans are Stitch “Dr. Benjamin Rayburn” and Abby Newman-Rayburn.  Their back and forth about wanting a family, bringing Max Rayburn, who previously was played by Jared Breeze into a bigger picture then walking away needs to just end. Viewers would like to see Rayburn around for hospital scenes but regardless let his relationship end. Viewers do not like the Chelsea and Nick relationship setup by the writers.  Some of the viewers think Adam Newman is not dead from the explosion and should be recasted to come back.  Honestly, I know Adam is dead from what Chloe did with the injection, if not the broken propane tank line.  When asked if Jack and Phyllis’ relationship will return, 65% said their relationship would come back while 35% said no.

Well, that is a wrap for this week’s review of The Young and the Restless from the behind the scenes aspect.  Again, I will be making strides to being caught up soon by the second week of December if not by Thanksgiving so we can talk without spoilers (at least for me).