Asperger’s Syndrome & Effects on Families / Relationships

Through December 2016, I will be writing several comprehensive posts about my experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome that will be shared with my college course blog. Access to this blog is only available to my Washburn University students and professor.


For families who have members in the family that is experiencing autism or Asperger’s Syndrome can cause a tremendous amount of stress.  This goes for those spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends who also have relationships with them.

Parents may find the most stress with emotions thinking the attempt to understand why their child may have Asperger’s or autism and the rest of the family including themselves are completely normal and going through questions like “Was it my fault?  What medications or foods caused it while I was pregnant?  Was it alcohol that caused this?”  They may have problems themselves as the parent(s) to explain the situation to the rest of the family.  From there they may be most upset as they figure out moving their child through their childhood, education, and post-education goals including their financial goals.

Their brothers and sisters may often feel embarrassed around their friends if their brother and sister are with them that have those signs.  They may become frustrated by not having the type of relationship they wanted or expected.

Having a spouse or relationship with an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome or autism can affect the number of ways in communication and emotional measures and could give mixed signals for self-protecting themselves (as the person who has ASD / autism) to distancing themselves from a relationship or marriage.