Autism / ASD in Adults

Through December 2016, I will be writing several comprehensive posts about my experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome that will be shared with my college course blog. Access to this blog is only available to my Washburn University students and professor.


Over this last Summer and this Fall, there has been researching that conducted by several unified school districts and colleges in Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Nebraska.  This research shows young adults who are diagnosed (or show signs of) with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism to have low rates of employment and post-education after leaving high school.  The researchers showed half of the youth polled has no job or school participation following their graduation date.

Community colleges are more an accepted option for post-secondary education for individuals with ASD or autism.  The research I have read shows that ≥ 80% of college students with ASD or autism has attended a two-year community college.  I am more considered as a minority as I chosen a local four-year university in my neighborhood, Washburn University.