Asperger’s Syndrome & Running A Small Business

Through December 2016, I will be writing several comprehensive posts about my experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome that will be shared with my college course blog. Access to this blog is only available to my Washburn University students and professor.


NateDog Productions 2000-2010About a month or two before graduating and leaving Shawnee Heights and Kaw Area Technical School, I began preparing to take my business idea, NateDog Productions to a public state.  In fact, by state records, the next day after my high school graduation was when my business officially started, even though it was about a few months before I picked up my first client as I was being established with moving back to Topeka, then leasing an office in downtown.

While my classmates and friends I spent years knowing were heading off for the military, heading to college, I was beginning my journey as a business owner.  As I mentioned last night in the social aspect the challenge was communicating with new clients.  NateDog Productions was an advertising company with developing business logos, promotional material, and websites as well as radio spots for new businesses opening up in Topeka.

NateDog Productions - 2011During my eleven years run with running my business, I had seven clients ranging from an automotive exhaust business, kitchen remodeling, daycare, and a home cleaning business.  I worked out of my downtown office at the Kansan Towers for nine years; the last two years were spent running my business out of my residential suite.  I was very proud of myself holding my seven clients through my ten-year founding anniversary.  It was after that time that emotions ran high as some of the newer clients were pulling out because they could not stay in business based on their expectations.  It was not until Summer 2011 when more started leaving because of the higher cost of living and making cuts.  My last two clients surprisingly were the first two I began working with, one left because of the economy even though they are still in business thriving still today.  My other client decided to move in a different direction.  After emotions had been getting the better of me, I made the only decision I could, which is to close my business.  I retained a portfolio of my first client that continues to flourish as to show what I have done. One of the other client’s I had asked me because of propriety not to retain their work.

Away from my time running my business, I volunteered at Helping Hands Humane Society where I found my cat son in 2002 who is now fourteen.  Also, I worked at KTWU-TV working on the bridge, in the studio, and on the telephone bank during pledge drives and live auctions.  The experience of working at this television station came from my time working at KTKA-TV during my time at Shawnee Heights.