Asperger’s Syndrome & Childhood Social Aspect

Through December 2016, I will be writing several comprehensive posts about my experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome that will be shared with my college course blog. Access to this blog is only available to my Washburn University students and professor.


While we concentrated last week on the behavior aspect in my childhood, today I am focusing on the social aspect.  Also, I will focus on my present social atmosphere.

Growing up in a low-income neighborhood there was a few places you would go to get together, for my group of friends we chose each other’s house.  At times, we explored a creek tributary behind my house.  While I was not much of the social go-to person, the friends around my age came over or called me.  At times, we all went down to the neighborhood park.  During the summer months, you could meet up at the community swimming pool.

However at times there you would get the diversity, and sometimes trouble as you get older kids who picked on the younger kids – including yours truly.  You would also get the other children who are from the same neighborhood there that are around the same age but walk down to the pool, but you only see them from being on the bus ride to and from school.  Whenever my sister who is ten years older than me was home from going between her dad’s and my mom’s she would become that “Supergirl” when it came to the bullies messing with me.

While in elementary school I met a few kids, but I did not recall socializing much with them either because they thought I acted weird or I never continued a conversation.  As I moved into special education, I also met a few kids and became good friends however once we moved to the middle school and high school scene we fell apart.  Those good friends of mine were what I would consider guardians against my harassing bully that I dealt with.  At times, they did take the brunt of threats or things done to me.  As I mentioned last week even with my guardians, I still feared going to school.

Moving on into middle and high school including my two-year term at Kaw Area Technical School I made several new friends who I keep in touch with at times now with Facebook. When it came time for graduation and moving from my neighborhood where I lived for eighteen years, it was hard moving away from people I grew up with.

There was a time while in elementary and middle school; my Mom signed me up to Boy Scouts of America.  It was interesting to learn new stuff, but I was never fond of going on camping trips.  Especially one that I recall the Montauk trip, in short order while everyone slept in their semi-dry tents during heavy rainfalls I slept outside on a picnic table.  The camping trip highlight I could remember from Boy Scouts was my times out at Camp Hammond it was fun getting lost in the woods and scaring the other kids at times and sitting around the campfire.

After moving to rural Osage County from graduation and leaving Topeka, I only spent a few months there before I decided to return for Topeka, as I preferred the city life.  This was also the time my small business, NateDog Productions, was up and running so I needed it to be in Topeka.

You may be asking where “NateDog” came from.  There are two high school friends of mine, who we always pretended to be the Budweiser frogs from the Super Bowl.  In fact, here’s a commercial spot for reference.

Anyhow, the two “frogs” as I call them decided my nickname is Nate Dog and that stuck. Having little confidence in my social aspect of approaching new people or presenting in front of a group made it hard of getting started.  While of course, my most nervous times were giving my presentations for the first time here at Washburn University as a freshman student in Spring 2015.  Tomorrow morning I will share what it took with having Asperger’s running NateDog Productions.  Meanwhile, I managed to conduct business, as I casually got comfortable with my clients.

Upon arriving at Washburn University there are a few people I talk with, but I have not made any friends I study with or hang with, as it is hard for meeting people.  Also, this is also, why it’s hard for getting into a relationship also.