Fall 2016: Week One Wrap

Rather than taping a traditional vlog today, I decided I would write up an article about the first week back on campus.


Hello everybody!  Today I am doing something different for the College Experience series, kind of like going back in time when the YouTube channel was under the copyright issue when I placed the Jeanne Cooper memorial from The Young and the Restless.  I wanted to instead of taping and producing a vlog, I wanted to write up what has happened this first week.

My week started off with Darkroom Photography, and it was rather clear while waiting for the course to begin I was the only male in an all-female attended course.  It was not until a former military student came in that I said out loud “Glad I am not the only male in here now.” Since I had taken Darkroom Photography back when I was in high school, this would be pretty similar. After learning about our supplies, and assignments we went on a tour of the studio and labs.  The studio I have been in last semester for shooting my work for Design II, the great part I like is the walls and partial floor has Chroma key paint and the lighting is already done.  I can so score shooting video promos in there if I could.  Next was the film reel lab, it is a closet that is about seven feet tall, by five feet by five feet.  That kind of creeped me out, but not as much as the revolving door that goes into the darkroom processing lab.  The way you enter the lab from the course room is you stand in the middle of a circle, and then the wall rotates around you almost kind of like the TSA scanners at the airport.  It taken me 5 minutes for my eyes to adjust, and even at that it was difficult to see your workstations once you entered the lab.  After this course, I had Ceramics as I mentioned in the mural vlog dedication, this was being taught by Monette Mark.  We learned about the projects that will be done, including two research papers and a trip for me to head out to the ranch to dig up clay.  There are about 18 of us in this course, but as I noticed both Monday but more on Wednesday is the amount of distractions that can be problematic.  I am not sure if Glenda allowed this when she was teaching, but if it were me, I would not.  Both Monday’s courses were allowed to leave early.  My other issue started on Monday and that was the financial aid for the semester had not been paid, and while I needed a refund check for supplies I was unsure if they would be distributing the financial aid I had already approved.  By Tuesday for this matter, I was getting concerned as I needed my supplies by Wednesday.  Luckily, the payment came in, and I pleaded nicely to the business office to write the check out early the next morning as it was not going to be until today or Friday.

On Tuesday I started my day early at 9:30, even though I wanted to get in early to get seated I ran late and got in about 9:20 instead of the 9:00 I wanted to, nonetheless this was the Mass Media Bootcamp.  The ironic problem in here is there is four Jackson’s.  There is me (as the last name) and there are three others as the first name.  Two are football players for the university, not sure on the other.  I learned what our course will involve, and if you thought I have a social media presence just wait.  Currently I have the following:
1. Two Websites – NathanielJackson.com (Blog & Media Gallery / SimWorld)
2. Two Twitter – SimWorld & Personal
3. Two Facebook – SimWorld (Page) & Personal
4. Two YouTube  Channels – Vlog Channel & SimWorld TV
With this course, I will have an additional YouTube channel, which I found a way I can make this happen without having to making a ‘physical channel’ using YouTube Shows.  In addition, I will have another website but not a self-domain like the two I have now.  This semester the professor is using a Google platform for the setup whereas last time she used a WordPress environment which would have made things easier as I have WordPress Corporate powering the NathanielJackson.com Web Network, which includes SimWorld.  Our goal in this course will be writing 25 posts over the semester, so my plan will be I will not only post them over there on that course supported platform, but here on the web network as I mentioned I wanted to get more involved with the blogging again.  In addition, we have a vlog series, and radio program to produce as well.  Surprisingly I still have the old “Nathaniel Jackson Program” media files in my drive!  After this course, I had a break at Mabee Library which gives me about six hours of downtime before my Graphics Design course.  This course I met up with my old friend Evan and my Washburn Art Student Association treasurer, Anastasia.  As I mentioned our professor who was scheduled to teach this course had quit and left, well apparently the memo did not get out to the professor who does all the multimedia work until just last week as he was in India.  He was not very thrilled about having this dropped on him at the last second – I would not be either.  While we did not have a chance to get started working, we learned about logos and had to write a research paper on a company logo. I had chosen Toyota as it has been a large part of my life since I was born, and explained the meaning about its current logo.

On Wednesday once I picked up the refund check I hit up the supply stores.  It was unfortunate that the Ceramics students beat me over to Hobby Lobby first, but I learned on Wednesday that the store only had two kits while Michael’s had more.  Bad planning on Hobby Lobby’s part, but nonetheless the supplies were picked up.  Nonetheless, I battled the heavy rainfall to get the supplies on campus after picking up the last for Darkroom.  In Darkroom Photography, we learned about “camera obscura” and pinhole cameras went outside in between thunderstorm complexes and looked through makeshift pinhole cameras.  It was very interesting to see from a perspective I never thought could look like it did. We then were introduced to photograms, which I never knew the world’s largest photogram was done in an abandoned military aircraft hangar.  After this in Ceramics as I mentioned earlier we were dealt with a numerous amount of distractions from upper-class members and senior auditors working, and causing Monette to stop her lecture several times.  Again, I am not sure if Glenda allowed that during her time, but I could not handle that.  We began working with stoneware and earthenware. I found the stoneware to be very creatable whereas the earthenware was harder to craft.

On Thursday in Mass Media Bootcamp, we tossed around blog, vlog, and radio program topic ideas.  Most were vague like movies, sports, video games, our professor says if you do this, it must be a narrow minded interest.  I did not throw out an idea as I am at the moment contemplating what that will be. Later in the day in my Graphics Design course, we had discussed our first research assignment on the history of logos. I had chosen Toyota, as it has been a large part of my life since the 1980s. Then we spent the rest of the time playing a fun game where we split the room up in half, decided on eight products then the other team had to use their initials and come up with a company name for the product. Let’s just say we got very dirty at times! The next part of the game is we had to come up with a company name with our own initials, and the other team member had to draw a logo. We ourselves rated them based on quality and likeness to what our company was. This is actually what our assignment for the first graphics design project.

On my first day off, I had taken a road trip out to Lawrence to get containers for our ceramics course for doing pond clay. Mom told me there is no water but we should be able to get some mud out in September before the ground freezes. Before coming back to Topeka I stopped by Bracker’s in Lawrence, and talked with Anne Bracker, the owner about Glenda as I discussed I was an art student in ceramics at Washburn. I learned from Anne the glaze mixes Glenda used, and luckily we have the mixes back at the Arts Center. After picking up 100 lbs. of Flint Hills Clay Works Stoneware I dropped them off back at the Arts Center before coming home.

To sum up the first week of the semester it went well, and I cannot wait to share with you all the blog posts I will be writing for the bootcamp. I also want to let you know since the department’s deadline is coming for October 14th with the BFA application to be turned in. I will be working on the Media Gallery at the same time, as my work needs to be turned in electronically for review. I will keep you posted when I work in there so you can check it out!

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