Editorial: Presidential Candidate Thoughts

My thoughts on the current campaign for the 48th President of the United States.


For over the last year, we have witnessed numerous smear campaign hits on all political candidates from both the Republican and Democrat side.  However, many of those candidates have conceded and left us with two very questionable candidates.  Donald J. Trump, 70, a business tycoon who in the last few years has had trouble with bankruptcies on a few of his properties.  Trump is divorced, and a father to five children and no known grandchildren, he is running as a Republican.  Running mate Hillary D. R. Clinton, 68, who has formerly been the First Lady in a state and national sense, as well as a United States senator, and United States Secretary of State.  Hillary is a wife of the former 42nd President of the United States William Clinton, as well as mother and grandmother.  Hillary is also under a tremendous amount of scrutiny on the Benghazi embassy attack and also for using a private e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State.

Aside from their past, I wanted to talk about each of their campaigns and what they want out from their terms as the 48th President of the United States.  Comparing the two on the more important issues, beginning with national security Clinton remarks that ISIL is a serious threat and by eliminating their approach in Iraq and Syria as well as the international terrorist network that would end their growth and impact.  Meanwhile, Trump remarked that he has no plan except for making our military ‘mighty powerful.’  When the two discuss our debt situation, which right now as of my writing this on August 23rd in the afternoon is at $19,433,410 trillion, Trump wants to start by cutting back on the Department of Education budget, he is also opposed to Common Core.  Great!  There is something Trump and I agree on.  Clinton’s remark this as a liability issue as it limits our nation’s credibility.  The other big problem here at home, gun control; Trump wants no legislation or ban on gun firearms.  Clinton, however, would enforce a strict law and ban including assault rifles.

I am not in any way endorsing of the presidential candidates.  However, I will mention when Donald Trump physically mocked that disabled reporter early on in the campaign that in itself signaled as a red flag, which blocked any chance of Trump getting a vote from me.  Nor does that mean I am voting for Hillary Clinton.  I may in November vote on our local and state races and leave the national race empty.

All I can say at this moment is which ever candidate the electoral colleges choose, and the minorities as Americans are used in second for close counts then God saves us all from what could be a nightmare in America.