Vlog: Dedication & Development of Glenda Taylor’s Mural

A mural dedication to the late Glenda Taylor, 60 who passed away in a fatal bicycle accident in 2015.


Glenda’s friends and family gather to see a mural dedication in her honor on Friday, July 29th.

On Friday, July 29th the friends, family and colleagues of the late Glenda Taylor who passed away in June 2015 from a fatal bicycle accident came together for a mural dedication and unveiling at the Washburn University Arts Center.

The mural was created in Kansas City at the 50th anniversary of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. Tanner Coleman and Alexis Gregg designed the mural and guided everyone who helped build the piece. It was brought to Washburn University to be fired, glazed, and installed in the Arts Center, a place where Glenda impacted many lives.  Nathaniel Jackson brings you along for the reception gathering, and takes you behind the scenes of how it was developed.  A second phase to the mural will be completed in the Fall 2016 semester.

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