Vlog: Three Weeks Away!

It's three weeks before the Fall 2015 semester begins!


With the restrictions on my YouTube channel in place for little over a month to go I taped a short vlog asking viewers to come to this extended blog post.  Here is where I can explain what I have been up to most of the Summer, and my game plan on how to get the most out of the Fall 2015 semester ahead, I also follow-up to last month’s long-form vlog of saying goodbye to Dean Taylor in some disturbing news.

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Over The Summer…

After the Spring semester ended in early June I went out for some alone time to find closure with losing Belle Starr over the Spring Break in March.  It was a challenging time not only having to cope with losing her, and reflecting on the loss of my grandpa as well, but for another reason.  During my time out there, the ranch came under an imminent threat of flash flooding.  This time the shoe was different from 2007 when I was dealing flash flooding at my suite in downtown Topeka, but my Mom was dealing with the flash flooding here at the ranch as well.  Nonetheless, the threat did not cause me to evacuate.

Much of the Summer, I had been working on SimWorld with bringing the YouTube channel under a distribution agency to help bring more subscribers and viewers to the channel.  While the progress at press time is slow, it will increase as the time continues and more people see it from other partnering channels.

In late June, my Portland family came down to visit for a day.  I had the privilege of taking them on a VIP tour of Washburn University where we even got to see University of Kansas basketball player, Wayne Selden Jr., demonstrate his skills with other young kids at the basketball camp held by Washburn University’s Bob Chipman.  They were even given a trial ride of Topeka Metro’s bike share program where my own brother in-law loved the design of the bicycles from Social Bicycles.

Earlier this month I also received an award from Washburn University’s College of Arts And Sciences.  The award which is shown in the photograph below states that Nathaniel E. Jackson has been inscribed on the “Dean’s Honor Roll” in recognition of Superior Attendance and Academic Achievements.

Follow-Up to June’s Memorial Vlog

Last month a tragic accident had occurred with a close friend, and someone who gave me my start at Washburn University, Glenda Taylor.  Due to the restriction on my channel, I could not develop a blog post because words could not express what I was feeling.  Instead, I taped a long-form vlog, which I privately posted on the SimWorld YouTube channel, which I syndicated here on the website.  (You can watch this here.)

After this vlog was aired and syndicated, I received some rather troublesome news last week from the State of Kansas district attorney.  After looking over the evidence of Dean Taylor’s bicycle, Todd Kidwell’s Ford F-150 – the individual who hit Dean Taylor, and the autopsy results from the Cherokee County coroner.  It was very clear that Dean Taylor was intentionally hit.  Until a few days ago, I believed that Mr. Kidwell was already formally charged with murder with no chance of parole.  It came to my attention he has not been “formally” charged. According to the district attorney’s office, Kidwell had been travelling at about 60 miles per hour.  When his pickup truck struck Glenda Taylor, it caused her bicycle to be dragged into the dirt.  Cherokee County Sherriff says the bicycle was totaled.  Taylor became airborne for approximately 55 yards, upon impact she then rolled another 50 yards. Upon discovery, Glenda Taylor sustained multiple injuries to her neck, back, tailbone and pelvis, rib fractures and a lacerated upper aorta, the major artery of the heart.  According to Cherokee County, Todd Kidwell’s formal hearing is scheduled tomorrow, July 27th.  The time or location of the case is not been specified.

Washburn University has named Michael Hager interim dean of the Arts department.  Other faculty has shifted their schedules to help with responsibilities.

My Fall 2015 Game Plan…

After receiving my award from the university earlier this month, I am that more convinced in staying at Washburn University through the end.  Last semester I went with buying my textbooks used, but after not getting my fair share of the money back.  I have decided this time around to rent my textbooks.  In fact from two different places.  My “Basic Algebra” textbook is coming from the university.  Meanwhile, my art history textbook is coming from Rafter’s (with my online access coming from the publisher itself), and my art design textbook also coming from Rafter’s.

As for my financial aid late last semester, I received an option from Washburn University to approve any grants from various levels through the Spring 2017 semester.  This will allow me to attend any Summer terms if I wanted to get ahead such as my math courses.  However, after a battle with Topeka Housing Authority as they say I cannot have financial aid from FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) and assistance from HUD (Housing & Urban Development).  After appealing my case, the THA have lowered my rent, and I can continue being a student, which was a problem I was running into in the Spring.

I also met with the Math department administrative assistant, and she informed me with Morgan completing construction (scheduled for October 23rd) that the math tutoring center will be returning from Mabee Library, and that I am signed up to have tutoring once this becomes available.

As for my social and relaxation time as last month, I hardly had any time for this.  This time around however, I have locked in two nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays to host a live broadcast for SimWorld viewers on the YouTube channel.  This is an opportunity I can block out university studies for two hours and relax to not only energize me, but also bring me back to my core of knowing what I need to do afterward.

If I can get A’s and B’s from last semester, attend every day, and end up on the Dean’s Honor Roll I will make it my goal to stick with it the best I can.  Once the restrictions are lifted on my YouTube channel then I can start doing longer vlogs there again.

Dean's Honor Roll Achievement Award

Washburn University - Dean's Honor Roll Award


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