Vlog: Fast & Short Update

Today's fast and short vlog post is to remind you the viewers to check out my extended blog post!


Hello there viewers!  Today’s vlog is rather fast and short to give you an extended update below for you all about the ending of the Spring 2015 semester at Washburn University and more!

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Hello there everybody! For those viewers who had not seen April’s extended blog post on the YouTube channel probabation. I wanted to briefly recap the situation.

When Jeanne Cooper (of The Young and the Restless) passed away several years, the cast got together on set where most of Cooper’s scenes were and elaborated. This episode of The Young and the Restless was edited down by me commercial free, with no tie-ins of the network and uploaded. For a time this was gathering a LOT of views, and most were probably of fans of the show. However, a ‘watchdog group’ for Sony Entertainment got interest of this video, and sent an alert out to YouTube to shut me down. During the period of being shut down, I worked it out that I remove the video. I lose credibility on the account in terms that vlogs can no longer be over 5 minutes until September.

No YouTube Vlogs

Recap: April & May 2015

     Over the last month I must admit I have been busier than a beaver building the Hoover Dam! In the last month I had worked on three separate essays with topics from recycling and the benefits it has on various industries, bicycle lanes and the addition of bicycle sharing in Topeka, and the development and background of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. These three separate essays were for Fundamentals of Washburn University, Freshman Composition, and Survey of Art History II. All of these essays came down to an end on Thursday, April 30. As I predicted that following the month-long work of essays there would be a lull before ramping up to work on finals.

     For my finals, in fundamentals course was a simple pop quiz on information literacy, which I knew most of the answers. Meanwhile, we were preparing for the final test, which were to be very similar of the last two that involved about twenty slides to identify, a comparison of several images to each other with an art term. Short answer and multiple choices as well as an essay. While the study guide was given for this, I was also in the middle of developing a ‘polished’ 60-page essay of all my writing in freshman composition including an autobiography of my thoughts of the semester. With that essay, the study guide I was also putting together three forms of another portfolio for photography. Last week the fundamentals course ended and freshman composition course ended. While I was sad leaving the freshman composition, I had no penitence for the fundamentals course. Then yesterday on Monday was the final test of art history, this time I studied differently rather than focusing solely on slide identification and not the terms and history involvement. I went basically for the terms and history involvement but not the slide identification. Either way before I left I felt confident as my baseline of getting a C grade was met. So whether I bombed or excelled in that test it would have been safe.

     It was funny after walking out seeing your Mom on campus looking for you in the hallways. It was good time talking about having that course ending, though I am enrolled in Survey of Art History I with the same professor in the Fall. Mom and me came back to the suite and picked up the books I showed in a vlog post back in January. I went to sell them back to the university bookstore. In the Memorial Union there is a sign that states you can get 50% of your books back at “retail” price, and if you have the money given back on your Washburn University iCard you can get an additional 10% off. Luckily Mom was with me because she confronted two separate employees when not only I got 50% back, the pricing I got was not retail – but wholesale. Which means the new Survey of Art History II book that cost me $217.00 was sold back for $69.00. Yes for someone who is disabled and financially strapped it is ridiculous. What infuriated me more is that they were falsely advertising. When my money was given, rather than the 10% extra going towards the iCard, I only had been given 50%. I absolutely hate that idea… Not to mention Mom as well.

Our last photography reviews by @WashburnUniv Professor Marguerite Perret. #WeAreWU

   Last night was the last meeting for the photography course. While it was sad that it was ending, it was sadder because a large (late Mother’s Day present) a photograph of Belle Starr came. I explained that over Spring Break she had to be put down, as you know the story. They could not believe how fast that she became paralyzed. It was a hard night, though I came home and slept with no alarm the first time in five months and slept fine.

Looking Forward This Summer

     With today marking my first day of Summer, there will be a lot of productivity occurring the next month. First I am in the process of preparing a large announcement for SimWorld fans. Originally I scheduled to make this announcement on Memorial Day, however I decided it was best to use next Monday as the platform. You can see this announcement on Monday through out all social media platforms of SimWorld (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube) as well as the website itself. I will also be working on a new image for the Nathaniel Jackson: The College Experience vlogs to have a new look. The approach this past semester was only a temporary look, while I will not be able to showcase it much being on probationary period. You will see it more after September if YouTube allows me to return.

     My mom has scheduled a trip in June to see my Portland family, meanwhile I will go out to the ranch and pay my respects to Belle Starr. Also next month I will be meeting with the Student Services department at the university in planning of the Students with Disabilities group as I have had our logos approved by the university relations team. So much is going on but I will also find time to return with The Young and the Restless: Week In Review on Fridays once again. I am about a week or so behind but so much I have to talk about since being off from February. In fact I may have the production bumps re-voiced as I am working with a new talent who happens to voice Monday’s SimWorld announcement and my voice mailbox greetings!

Returning To Washburn This Fall

     While I have not seen my final grades, nor my report from Topeka Housing Authority to know if going to school is affecting my living status here at the suite. I have committed to another semester at the university, with this time being more challenging not only because I have Survey of Art History I. Which I should have an edge on knowing how to plan ahead, but also working in a slow progression of taking algebra. The return for my semester will begin on Monday, August 17th. While I did not allot times for relaxing this last semester, I have built in two gaming live broadcast times for SimWorld fans. That may change as I need to be in for tutoring, or when finals approach in December. We do have a Fall break, however it only lasts less than a week from Friday to Wednesday. We will have time off for Thanksgiving, which will be a nice thing. Nonetheless, I am ready to see how it goes for me.