Vlog: Fast & Short Update

Today's fast and short vlog post is to remind you the viewers to check out my extended blog post!


Hello there viewers!  Today’s vlog is rather fast and short for a particular reason.  This is because I have written a full explanation of why you have not seen much vlog updates on the YouTube channel, plus I can fill you in since the last vlog with the mid-term presentation.

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Hello there viewers and welcome to this extended blog posting here on the web network this afternoon. This update will bring you up to speed since the mid-term presentation update just about a month earlier.

     At some point last month during Spring Break I received a rather “not-so-happy” e-mail from YouTube based on my own personal channel. As you may know I am a huge fan of The Young and the Restless. When Jeanne Cooper passed away several years, the cast got together on set where most of Cooper’s scenes were and elaborated. This episode of The Young and the Restless was edited down by me commercial free, with no tie-ins of the network and uploaded. For a time this was gathering a LOT of views, and most were probably of fans of the show. However, a ‘watchdog group’ for Sony Entertainment got interest of this video, and sent an alert out to YouTube to shut me down.

     Meanwhile I am on Spring Break, I worked it out that I remove the video. I lose credibility on the account in terms that vlogs can no longer be over 5 minutes until a date in September. Thus, that is the main reason this was a reason I am off the air. Provisionally at the same time this is happening, I am concerned while I was using the SimWorld channel for MineCraft Adventures broadcasts over the break.

No YouTube Vlogs

     For those here on my web network, and social media channels this will be a refresher for you all. However, this is written for my YouTube viewers who have not been brought up on the air.

     That same day I uploaded my mid-term presentation and gave the shorter seven-minute edition to the students. You may have noticed the vlog that day had a new open & close, this is something I am working on if I decide to return in the fall semester. I also had a physical appointment with my medical doctor; he had not heard that I became a student at Washburn. While he was excited at that news, he was very disappointed in how stressed I have been especially with the remarks on the high blood pressure and lack of sleep. He explained that I need to keep a closer ‘pulse check’ on my health with the stress is aging me faster.

     On the first Saturday, March 14th I went out to the ranch to see my Mom and girl Belle Starr. With school the last day I was out there seeing the two was over Christmas. While I was out there I helped break down the winter gear on Belle’s home and remove the winter weights off the trucks in case it snowed, which surprisingly nothing more than 1” fell in Topeka this winter. I also wanted to be close to both Mom and Belle. I asked for Belle’s forgiveness of not being home in three months. Normally I would have come home every other weekend. When it was time to come home late Sunday as I had SimWorld game activities planned, I looked at Belle Starr as if it were going to be the last time I would ever see her alive.

     Over the next three days I attended to thinking about my future past this semester, working on the games, and straightening out the YouTube channel. My mom’s birthday was Tuesday; I asked if she wanted to come in to Topeka to have lunch. She stated that she wanted to stay home and paint the kitchen as she had been working on. Early that next morning (Wednesday) while in bed, I get a telephone call that Belle Starr was limping and dragging her foot. Mom was of course in tears and I explained that she needed to call the veterinarian. I explained that I would find a way to get from Topeka back out to the ranch. As I got there you could tell Belle was not in pain, but my first instinct something was very wrong when I noticed the leg that she was not using was cold as if blood flow stopped circulating. Our veterinarian stated they would not be able to see her until late that afternoon. I was scheduled for a live broadcast of MineCraft Adventures that day; luckily on the way down I scrubbed that and let the Simmers know. As the day progressed her condition continued getting worse until she was paralyzed. It came to that point where her quality of life was degraded to a point, a decision none of the family wanted to make had to come. My stress was at its most monumental since I started at Washburn. Belle Starr fought hard against the sedative for going to sleep. It was a sign to me that I should continue fighting, as she wanted to stay with us though she could not walk. Then it came at 2:37 pm that day – Wednesday, March 18th that my girl’s life was taken from me.

     While Mom wanted to return back to the ranch alone, I finished up that painful rest of Spring Break in Topeka and to go back to courses was that much harder. Since I left her at the veterinarian to be cremated, I had not found closure. It was not until Belle Starr’s birthday I broke down. Friday, March 27th she would have been 14 years old. It was also the day Mom brought me the ashes. That day was the hardest day in my life. I wrote up a great life story of Belle Starr on the photo matrix.

     On April 1st, my sister website in which I had tried to get online in over a month’s time, Nathaniel Jackson’s Photo Matrix went live at 10:00 am Eastern. Since that time of the launch for a few days it was getting more traffic than it’s other sister website, SimWorld. You can see all my photography I have done for Washburn, minus the current assignment I have not updated. You can see a variety of Belle Starr’s photos as well as the life story.

     In the last few weeks I have began the “essays season” at Washburn as I am contemplating an essay on a reaction to a poem, recycling, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home in Pennsylvania. I have also spoken with the math department chair, as well as meeting with my advisor to discuss my history with no ACT / SAT and having no algebra history while in high school, and in how I would advance if it were possible. While I had taken an examination to see my placement level, there are two courses that can build up your math level as long as grades were C’s. With my enrollment dates before the general public approaching next week I have been contemplating returning to the life I had before Washburn with blogging, and working full-time on SimWorld or continuing. That answer came to me just a few days later as I was in another meeting with Student Services, who oversees the disabled and veteran students. I pitched the idea of forming a group with their office next semester titled “Students with Disabilities” on top of this, I have scheduled to meet with the assistant director next week of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center to start curving this stress down while remaining a student. Belle Starr taught me to be a fighter, but I also promised her in the dying minutes I would take care of Mom.

     So that is where things stand for me right now viewers. With the YouTube channel having a limit hold on my channel through September, I will continue running these fast and short vlogs tagged to an extended post here on the network. In September I will likely be re-evaluated to see if my channel can return to its original state.