A Quality of Life My Girl Doesn’t Deserve & Moving Forward

A hard decision to say goodbye to a family member and moving forward.

Belle Starr Jackson

Today (Wednesday, March 18th) at 1:45 pm Central Daylight Savings Time my girl who I was there with when she was born and brought into the world, and taken home to the Jackson Ranch. She was taken from her home the last time to our veterinarian in Auburn where at 2:37 pm she fought the sedative only to take her last breath and leave my mom and me.

When I last visited the ranch on Saturday, Belle was having trouble eating and her arthritis was causing trouble in her back hip. Earlier this morning, I was awoken with the thought she had passed. About 45 minutes later of arriving, her back right leg had given out on her. As this day progressed, her other back leg went out. She struggled for a time to move using only her front before those went. Our veterinarian stated that she had a spinal stroke. While she wanted to fight to be with us, her quality of life was not acceptable. I apologized and was forgiven for not being with her the last three months with going to school.


While I have not found closure for losing my girl, my mom is taking it harder than I expected. It seems awkward to move forward without reflecting, even though some day that will occur. With the loss of my girl, the launch of Nathaniel Jackson’s Photo Matrix was scrubbed as with Wednesday’s live broadcast of MineCraft Adventures. My launch for Nathaniel Jackson’s Photo Matrix will now occur on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 10:00 am Eastern. My action for delaying the launch is to now add a “tribute album” and story of Belle Starr’s life to the website. I will be moving forward as planned with today’s second part of The Sims Legacy Story on the SimWorld website. Yesterday’s scheduled MineCraft Adventures broadcast will be made up tomorrow, Friday, March 20th at 6:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 pm Pacific with the last of the SimWorld Spring Break game series of The Sims Legacy Story on Saturday and MineCraft Adventures on Sunday at 3:00 pm Eastern / 12:00 pm Pacific.

Following this sad Spring Break week, I will return to Washburn University to finish out the Spring 2015 semester. This was to be a week where I made a decision whether I would return in the Fall 2015 semester. Even though my judgment since Wednesday’s activity has clouded my thoughts.

There will be a time eventually that I will break down and find my closure to Belle Starr, just for the time I hate seeing my mom upset; but at the same time she chose to be alone which I have given.

Rest In Peace Belle Starr Jackson
March 27th, 2001 – March 18th, 2015