Spring Break Arrived!

Rather than taping a vlog, and going on for 10 minutes I wrote up my thoughts since the last taping.


Hello there everybody! Earlier this afternoon when I came home from leaving the campus for Spring Break I did contemplate taping another vlog. However, with my experience with taping they tend to get rather long, and after taping that long presentation over the weekend and releasing it I decided it would be best to write an update instead.

Since my last “true” vlog update last month on the 18th. Two things have happened in the realm of my family. I learned that my sister was going on a walking trip in Japan. From what I understood, she would land in a certain town in Japan. Then spend the time camping, and walking to various monasteries. As I post this this evening she would probably getting to a point of coming home as she is expected back in the States on Sunday. My other news I learned this last week is my girl Belle Starr (seen in my About Me section) was getting rather weak to a point of almost where I thought she would leave us before I could see her. Her 14th birthday is approaching at the end of the month, and I would be rather surprised if this would be her last time I see her when I head out to the ranch for a few days.

Here in Topeka on campus, I was gearing up for what I would consider a stressful Art History exam with slide identification with the work title, artist’s name, the location in Europe / Italy and the year. I am not joking as there was about 75-100 slides. Since the year phase would have been more difficult, I grouped my studying to hundred year periods. On top of this, you had to memorize 10 to 20 art terms. Me and another student thought our professor was setting us up for failure.  At exam time, there was maybe 10 slides we had to identify, and what drove me insane is the professor randomly threw slides none of us learned. This exam is finished, however we don’t know the grades to the exam.  Meanwhile, as we have been approaching my mid-term presentation date (earlier today) I had been studying in Washburn’s biggest amphitheater and course room.  In fact, a few days earlier this week I had to be escorted out by Washburn University’s police as I was there when they were beginning to lock down the campus at night.  The presentation today was 7:54 in length, and was very informative as we continued to have a discussion about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  In that area where I discussed about starting a group, I have talked with the department that oversees the disabled students.  Hopefully this will be something that can get started by May.  In other news from being on campus, this week I had to sit in with all the art department faculty which included my art history, photography professors along with the Dean of the Art department, the university dean, and President Dr. Farley.  We were in a meeting with a group of graphics design students that listened to two prospective professor hires that would become a tenure professor.  One was from Texas which was organized but the delivery of the presentation was not thought out and was nervous.  Our second hiree had been a professor in the Art department at Washburn University about 5-10 years, and left for Oklahoma.  His delivery and presentation was stunning, and made me recite in my remarks to the department faculty I would immediately start a course with him if offered.

After my courses today, I had my annual physical where I explained to my trusted and loyal doctor of over 15 years that I was a full-time student, and explained I don’t know what I got myself into.  While he gave me the statement of ‘you are the only one who can make that decision’.  He did offer this advice to me, if my grades after finals are C’s or above; Enroll for the Fall semester.  If by then my stress is rough, and grades are lower than C’s walk away.  This would have been one year as a student then.  To me that does sound logical, if my grades can get me through then maybe I would continue.  My problem is that I have not had any fun in the last three months.  I am currently two weeks behind on The Young and the Restless so this why I have not done an update recently.

One last thing, and I know I harped about this in a vlog. Without grants and scholarships I will not be able to attend. What scares me is you only have a six-year limit on grants before you can no longer get them because of a certain rule.

Before I sign-off this evening, I hope you like the new website infrastructure with being able to select the website from the front of NathanielJackson.com.  As for the Photo Matrix, I was hoping by now it would be live.  My vendor reported that something is not working properly.  With me being off this week, I will try once again to get this running.  With that said, have a great evening and I am off for bed as I have not slept hard and long in three months.


  1. I did forget to mention on the art history part with the exam, the slides we had to study was within a week’s time. Consider this when you have three or four more courses you have to work on as well. I declined my work quality in other courses that week to focus on this exam.

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