Review: Steve & Me by Terri Irwin

A written journey of the life Terri Raines had as she discovered the life of what would soon be - The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.


Before the holidays, I was visiting my library in the process of looking for a book. When I came across a display showing a variety of books, and the one that stopped me dead in my tracks was “Steve & Me”, written by Terri Irwin. Terri who began her story at twenty-seven years old was living in Eugene, Oregon – not far from Portland where I would like to call home soon. Terri takes you through the unforgettable adventures that she had with the late Steve Irwin. Steve, who was the first uniquely gifted naturalist, and wildlife warrior dedicated to rescuing endangered animals including his beloved crocodiles. Terri takes you through the journey of how Steve Irwin and her connected, and how he became wildly popular with his television series, The Crocodile Hunter.

While I read the book once, this would have been the first time I read it twice cover to cover. Terri explained when Steve invited the media out to the zoo. Steve was trying to raise funds for a group. However, the media never covered that purpose instead ruined Steve’s life that he was rather angry and upset.

Even though our beloved Steve Irwin is no longer with us, as he anticipated when he had conversations with Terri. Steve’s children, Bindi and Robert continue to help their dad’s enthusiasm live on. If you ever meet me, you may never know, my support for Steve’s cause Wildlife Warriors is worn with me every day.

Book Cover: Steve & Me

Steve & Me, published in 2007 by Simon Spotlight Entertainment was written by Terri Irwin. This book is 273 pages.

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Recommendation - Good