Restaurant Review: The Waffle Window

Even after eating less than an hour at My Thai Bistro, I could not resist going to The Waffle Window!


Whether you are a veteran tourist like me, or a resident of Portland’s neighboring cities. One of the stops you must frequent is The Waffle Window. In Portland there are two locations, NE 26th & NE Alberta or the other on the Hawthorne strip which is the one I visited located on the side of the Bread & Ink cafe at SE 36th & SE Hawthorne.

As my post teaser states even though I had just eaten with the hour, I could not leave without making the stop at the window! The appearance for the two restaurants (Bread & Ink Cafe and The Waffle Window) were rather clean. Service was fast and with my nephew and me ordering two sugar waffles, the snack was done throughly with a subtle hint of sugar.

If you my readers are curious, yes there is plenty of other options to go along with that waffle.

3610 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214-5144

Recommendation - Good