Restaurant Review: My Thai Bistro

Positioned on the Hawthorne Boulevard is an elegant and small restaurant that perfects Thai food!


After a visit to a family friend for a haircut for my nephew and sister, we were next on the way to the Hawthorne Boulevard shopping strip to run an errand, but not before running into a restaurant recommended by my nephew, Rory.

My Thai Bistro had the atmosphere that was chic and warm. While the menu had a wide variety of options, our waiter was capable of allowing of substitutions for Rory’s and my dishes. We also were given the opportunity to customize our spice level, which was a superb opportunity for the person who wants to be a bit cagey, but also for the person who wants to go all out. While the food prices were a bit costly, their food portions were lavish that my nephew and sister took a to-go box. For me I ordered the sweet and sour with beef, and substituted the peppers for broccoli. Plating is not a review category I usually judge on, but the dish was superbly designed I was not wanting to eat it. For the taste and temperature, it was exceptional.

3500 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214-5142

Recommendation - Good