Restaurant Review: Café dé Crepe

While in attendance of the Montavilla Farmers Market. I came upon something new!


While my sister, Gretchan, who helped start and manage the Montavilla Farmers Market in 2007 had managed the markets for six years. This was the first market that while attending she is not a manager.

While the family was doing their own thing I came upon a new food I never had, crepes! Looking at the people in line for ordering, it peaked my curiosity of interest. After watching the owner, Chayanid Walton create a crepe for a customer I became interested quickly. Looking at the menu while in line I was deciding on three different choices. It came down to the “Honore” which is created with prosciutto, Swiss, and provolone cheeses. After watching the process my nephew came up and became interested to order a “Citron” which is created with lemon juice and sugar. Both of us enjoyed the crepes, and for the price, it was a little slice of heaven for a food I never tried before!

Café dé Crepe attends several Portland area farmers markets and is available to attend by a food cart. If you would like to try out her crepes, check out her website or call. Montavilla does appreciate your service Chayanid!

Montavilla Farmers Market – SUNDAYS
7600 SE Stark Street
Portland, Oregon 97215-2338

Recommendation - Good